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after sales services
We provide products and solutions for efficiency, uninterruptedness
and sustainability in different industrial sectors, such as automotive,
chemical and pharmaceutical, transportation and logistics,
electronics and semiconductor, food industries.
sensitive care
perfect condition
Protect air environments in the home, office, and everywhere
clean air is important. Filter out dust, allergens and other particulates,
reduce odors and boost the air quallity. 
continuous operation
better yield quality
We make sure our customers do not experience disruption
to their growing, production and delivery schedules caused
by humidity and temperature control problems.


Energy efficient, environmentally friendly, high quality and competitive products.
We are a boutique engineering company, supplying Turkish air-conditioning and humidity-control market at an optimal cost-benefit rate with state of the art technology products and a focus on quality.

Breathe safe
Stay Home!

Indoor air quality is a very important factor when it comes to the breathability of air. When evaluating indoor air quality, most homeowners ignore the importance of moisture while prioritizing pollen, dust, smoke and other pollutants.

Cleanroom Technologies for
Hi-Tech Facilities

Such facilities and manufacturers are highly sensitive to mouisture. To minimize the risk, the water content in the air needs to be reduced at all times, maintaining an ultra-low humidity environment.

Perfect conditions for
Indoor Agriculture

Humidity control in agricultural applications is very valuable for the storage of plants and the health of animals. While the harvested vegetables and fruits are stored, they lose moisture because their breathing continues, while animals can live an unhealthy life in high humidity environments due to sweat, respiration and feces in the barns. In both cases, farmers can suffer financial losses.


We care about our customers' opinions and experiences about our products and services.

Reliable, Flexible
Engineering & Project Management

In a single engineering project, a lot goes on behind the scenes, and it’s not just designing, strategizing, and developing a product. Every Technowell team member embraces project management to deliver a high-performance design for new application areas, or provide upgrades to keep air moisture at optimal levels in existing residental and commercial buildings and industrial facilities.


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