GM's Message / Vision

Aykut Eren
General Manager
With our highly energy effective, environmentally friendly, affordable, and creative goods, we provide more comfortable spaces for our customers.
Our Vision & Values
We are taking firm steps forward in the air conditioning and humidity control market, and we are running for leadership, with our competitive product range and services that make a difference.
We are customer and solution-oriented.
Ensuring customer satisfaction is our main duty and success criteria.
We support fair competition.
We work hard in a competitive spirit, focusing our efforts on our customers' needs and ensuring the quality of our goods and services.
We ensure product safety.
For our customers, we create innovative, high-quality products and processes, and product safety is one of our top priorities.
We respect and observe the law.
The observance of all relevant laws and other legislation is the foundation for all actions at Technowell.
We value the importance of communication.
We clearly understand and share expectations. We work by ensuring fast, effective, accurate and transparent information transfer.
Honesty; We work faithfully to our promises.
We exhibit ethical behavior and expect honesty from our employees to create an atmosphere of integrity for our customers.
Teamwork; We adopt a collaborative work environment.
We encourage team members to perform at their best and to use their accomplishments to help the company achieve its objectives.
Positive behavior; we are positive and we value control thinking.
To produce good outcomes, we go beyond and beyond the call of duty.
Confidence; we embrace the value of trust.
We establish strong and reliable relationships with all our stakeholders.
Passion; we inspire each other.
We collaborate on ideas and celebrate success. We are always looking for creative solutions and striving to create change.