Commercial Dehumidifiers with Desiccant Rotor

With its rotor type heat exchanger, the FD Series saves energy in humidity control when low humidity levels are needed.  With its silica gel rotor and channels on the drum, it achieves precise humidity control by highly efficient adsorption. Even after 8 years of use, the silica gel rotor still retains 90% of its dehumidification capability.
With its long rotor life, durable layout, low energy consumption, and high drying capacity, the FD Series Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifiers are strong dehumidifiers suitable for all environments.

For real-time monitoring, it comes with a pre-touch control panel with a built-in temperature and humidity sensor.

Eaton and equivalent products are used in electrical power and control equipment. Advanced technology has been used to develop a heating system with controlled regenerative heat that can save up to 30% on electricity consumption. To enable air duct connection easier, the dehumidifier's air inlets and outlets comply with the ISO7807 duct connection standard.

* Non-corrosive environment and regeneration temperature below 140 °C.
GS compatible
RoHS compatible.
CE compliant