Living Spaces

Air Quality

Problems Caused by High Humidity
High humidity accelerates the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria in homes. While these bacteria create living spaces, especially in bedrooms, Legionella Pneumophila bacteria cause Legionnaires' disease, which can have fatal consequences. In addition, rheumatic diseases also occur due to the dampness in the houses. Asthma patients are also adversely affected by both very low humidity and very high humidity.

High humidity does not only harm people, but also all living and non-living things in the house. It can lead to material damage by causing swelling in wooden items, deterioration of parquets and rotting on walls. Parasites living in plants also multiply in humid environments. This will cause the plants to die by not getting enough nutrients.

Ideal Humidity
Ideal relative humidity in homes is in the range of 45-55%. In this humidity range, the growth rate of growths such as bacteria, viruses, mites and fungi is at minimum levels. Asthma patients cannot achieve the desired quality of life below 45% humidity and above 55%. In addition, the most suitable environment for furniture, flooring and plants is created in this humidity range.


Legionella's Disease

A free-living organism that grows in water supplies of air-conditioning units
Legionella Pneumophila bacteria can easily multiply and infect humans in air conditioner filters with high humidity, in humid environments and in wet environments such as puddles. The most important enemy of this deadly disease is dehumidifiers.

Asthma and Allergy

Diseases that reduce the quality of life with strong triggers
For asthma and allergy sufferers, the optimum humidity of the ambient air is between 30% and 50%, and breathing air is dangerous when temperatures rise and humidity exceeds 60%. With Technowell dehumidifiers, ideal humidity values can be obtained and asthma attacks that occur especially in summer can be prevented.


A discomfort in joints, muscles, bones and ligaments that causes pain, swelling and even limitation of movement
Rheumatic diseases occur in people, especially in homes with moisture problems. Factors such as leaks in the walls, insufficient insulation on the windows, lack of ventilation in our homes cause dampness problems. Dehumidification units come into play in these situations, allowing the environment to reach the desired humidity level and prevent dampness problems in homes.


The importance of humidity for healthy and rapid growth
While the plants fed in the houses help moisture formation, they are also adversely affected by high humidity. Plant parasites reproduce in moist environments, preventing the plant to receive sufficient nutrients and eventually kill the plants. Technowell dehumidification units help you create the ideal environment for plants.