Dehumidification Product Group

Dehumidification - the process of removing moisture from the atmosphere - offers the advantages of less energy consumption in confined spaces and easy control over the process.


Commercial Dehumidifiers with Desiccant Rotor

With its rotor type heat exchanger, the FD Series saves energy in humidity control when low humidity levels are needed.  With its silica gel rotor and channels on the drum, it achieves precise humidity control by highly efficient adsorption. Even after 8 years of use, the silica gel rotor still retains 90% of its dehumidification capability.

Commercial Type Dehumidifiers

Technowell Commercial Type Dehumidifiers are ideal for preventing problems in commercial and industrial environments caused by high relative humidity. Powerful commercial dehumidifiers are most effective at temperatures above 15°C to reduce humidity in large areas.

Pool Type Dehumidifiers

Technowell Pool Type Dehumidifiers control numerous variables such as indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, and ambient relative humidity in indoor pools to keep the pool atmosphere at the ideal humidity level.