Commercial Type Dehumidifiers

Technowell Commercial Type Dehumidifiers are ideal for preventing problems in commercial and industrial environments caused by high relative humidity. Powerful commercial dehumidifiers are most effective at temperatures above 15°C to reduce humidity in large areas.
Without professional assistance and a moisture meter, it is very simple to detect the presence of moisture. If symptoms such as sweating, black spots, paint bubbles appear on the walls of your work or living area, the amount of moisture in that area may be above the average moisture level.

Dehumidifiers may be needed at the shore, in areas where people sit closer to the ground, in areas where there are defective water installations, water leaks, and in areas where adequate insulation is not provided. Furthermore, commercial-style dehumidifiers may be needed because the storage or shipping conditions of certain goods may necessitate special storage values in manufacturing facilities.

TCD series dehumidifiers perform a reliable and clean dehumidification process. They guard against moisture, mold, rust, and harmful bacteria. They play an important role in protecting machinery from corrosion, storing strategic products that need to be stored in a specific humidity range, protecting structures from moisture, and ensuring properly conditioned air for people.
1% Sensitivity
Economical solution
Automatic memory function
Automatic fault detection
Portable design