About Us

Air Humidity & Quality Management
We are here to assist our customers in achieving the moisture balance required in the ideal environment for enhanced comfort and health.
Technowell is a young and dynamic company built on a solid foundation of professionalism, with full range of products for controlling humidity and air quality suitable for home, commercial and industrial use.
We have extensive experience in the manufacture and distribution of air quality units since our establishment. From the beginning, we have adhered to the principle of continuous growth and development. We are continually enhancing our team, which is big enough to be effective in our responsibilities while still being flexible enough to make fast decisions. As a result, we can respond quickly to our customers' needs, which is the most essential part of our company. Air humidity control is essential for human health, various industrial processes, and most materials used in daily routines. We are at your side to provide the best solutions with our Technowell engineering team.

Technowell belongs to the MCM Engineering group with proven financial stability. This allows us to provide the most advanced technologies at affordable prices, while also allowing for more versatile designs and high-quality manufacturing. Our vision is to be a reference in our field with our competent team that respects the environment and can offer high quality and innovation in our services and products.
We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers achieve the ideal air humidity and quality levels they require, when they require them, without fear of quality, durability, and reliability.