Humidification Product Group

Professional humidification systems are made up of equipment that is used to balance the amount of moisture in indoor environments and operate on various principles.


Ultrasonic Humidification Units

Providing the proper moisture level improves production efficiency, product sustainability, and product quality. Technowell Ultrasonic Humidifiers are suitable for use in many industries and are specifically designed for food storage and locations that require low tolerances, such as cold storage, vegetable counters, meat storage, dairy storage, bakery storage.

Steam Humidification Devices

Technowell steam humidifiers provide hygienic steam production with air duct or direct humidification. The range of applications is wide and can be diversified by modular air conditioners, fresh air controllers and ventilation ducts.

High Pressure Humidification Units

Technowell high pressure humidification units use advanced atomization nozzles to provide high-efficiency evaporation, saving companies money on humidification processes and allowing them to be easily incorporated into any project.

Evaporative Honeycomb Humidification Units

It is designed for years of safe operation and maintenance, with low energy consumption, maximum cooling, humidity control, and ease of operation.